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I currently work as a Solutions Engineer for Talend. Before this role, I worked for HP supporting Vertica as a consultant and solutions engineer. Before that, I worked in the finance industry as a junior database administrator. As a Jr. DBA, I got exposure to basic SQL Server administrative functions and working with HP’s Vertica. I also:

  • wrote python scripts to automate maintenance tasks
  • enabled capacity management by delivering capacity data to graphite
  • established health monitoring to prevent critical events
  • performance tuned Vertica and reduced SELECT time by 70%

Previously, I worked in the HR outsourcing industry as a BI database programmer working with SQL Server 2008. In addition to development, I did a lot of other work:

  • optimize stuff in databases (queries, procedures, tables, indexes)
  • planned, built and implemented a data mart (duplicate data was everywhere)
  • set up ETL processes (took 6 months to get a shared Windows folder so we can automate flat-file import)
  • application data modeling and converting to physical data objects (making pretty ER diagrams)
  • transform legacy applications to modern database management systems (Access to SQL Server)
  • heavily depend on the off-shore database teams
  • wrote documentation so people knew what I was doing

Previous to that, I was a Metrics Analyst intern for almost a year. At that place, I:

  • made pretty reports and enhanced existing ones (colored-in the graphs)
  • worked with Atlassian’s product suite and wrote custom macros
  • developed and implemented a monthly divisional budget report with PHP/MySQL
  • made many ad-hoc reports for important people (and less important people)
  • got to work with SharePoint
  • interacted with a lot of different teams
  • mentored my colleagues on PHP

I also sold drugs for about 7 years (in a retail pharmacy, of course).

On the side, I do various freelance work including:

  • website design (front and back end)
  • building custom systems
  • consulting on various technologies

I’ve been programming since I was 14. I am self-taught in PHP and MySQL. Then I found out how terrible my code was when I started interacting with other developers. I later began a computer science degree and learned all the wonders of programming. After I started working professionally with databases, my interest has focused there. I like working with data, modeling, optimizing and learning about all the “IT depends”. I’m now pursuing a Master’s and focusing my research on improving the performance of the EAV database model. When I grow up, I want to be a data architect or database engineer. Most of all, I enjoy learning from others and sharing what I know. I try to do that on StackOverflow (check out my flair):

profile for FreshPrinceOfSO on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

I also played professional laser tag for 5 years.


  1. Hi i have see your profile in stack over flow and you are nominate for “Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate ” all the best

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