Canceling FreedomPop Premier Service

If you aren’t going to be using the FreedomPop Premier Service, or you’re done with the trial, you can easily cancel this service through your online account.

  1. Log into your account at http://www.freedompop.com/
  2. Under My Account. select Services
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Menu
  3. To the right of FreedomPop Premier, click View Details
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier View Details
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link in To deactivate the FreedomPop Premier service, click here
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Link
  5. On the screen that pops up, click Downgrade Anyway
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Pop Up
  6. On the retention screen, click Downgrade and lose data
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Retention Screen
  7. On the second screen that pops up, click Downgrade Anyway
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Pop Up 2
  8. Lastly, you’ll see a success message
    FreedomPop Cancel Premier Success

Norbert Krupa

Technical Consultant


  1. I am sure if you sign up for the free trial, you are ultimately stuck with its after offer. I see no other way to change the data plan to #unitB monthly free for this blah blah blah. Canceling the trial means canceling the service unless there’s a way to change it (supposedly for a free service plan).

    • This article saved me money. FreedomPop might be a good free SIM service if you do your research but their practices are really suspect. I received an email after I downgraded to the free SIM saying I was now ‘100% free’ – but not so, something they said made me suspect there was still a charge hidden somewhere. I followed the instructions above and found there was still this Premier service running. The downgrade link was in the smallest font it’s possible to get and still read it, and then they try to hide it behind a ‘questions’ button. I had to work really hard to pull the screen up to get the button above the question pane and click on it, then you have to push a lot more confirmations before you finally delete the extra charge. By all means try the SIM but be very careful to read what you’re getting and avoid unexpected charges.

      Thanks for this article.

  2. I actually did exactly what this post says (before I saw the post). I can confirm it only cancels the premium service and the free data plan does not get cancelled.


  3. I want to send back phone and cancel everything now you are sending me another phone. I want out and can’t get hold of anyone

  4. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without this.

    Freedompop was a joke! I had to use the browser search to find the “deactivate” account feature. It was in subdued text on white background and about 6 point font.

    Then they have the double-negative grammar in the cancel confirmations…

    I’m sure it is all by design to make canceling hard to do.

  5. Thanks a lot GRATEFUL. I was frustrated in finding how. Your post served me – use browser search!

  6. Thanks so much, Norbert, for providing this very helpful tutorial. I’m glad that I realized that I had to also downgrade the ‘Premium Plus’ service along with the regular plan. It was two separate steps for each device but it really wasn’t hard at all once I followed your directions to locate the teensy-weensy writing at the bottom of the page to click on the downgrade option.
    I love my FreedomPop service, phones, and internet device.
    The amount of minutes, texts, and data that I receive for free on my basic plan is currently sufficient for me and the rates, should I choose to upgrade in the future, are very affordable, too.
    Thanks again 🙂

  7. Thanks. I’ve been a customer for three hours and they make it so easy to upgrade,, but so hard to get rid of the crap. So I was wondering what happens when I click ‘Deactivate Account’? They warn “they’ll immediately deactivate my device”. and if I want back in it’ll be $20.
    What I was hoping to try is dump them, and give RingPlus $10 one time for the same service without all the B.S. They are a reputable company, where FreedomPop are a bunch of shiesters.
    But when they say Deactivate Device scares me. Wondering what happens…

  8. I just got freedom Pop internet. Initially I wanted to get the free 500mb a month, and cancel the premier service. By canceling this service I would loose online security. What online security is it? Are they going to make the online portal on their own website unsecure? I don’t get it. Thanks for the help

  9. I canceled my Premium service online only to find out that I had 6 months worth $49.95 charges each month anyways. I called them to cancel (and complain) and they informed me that you must cancel by calling them. If you’ve been a Premium user and thought that you did all that you need to do to cancel, double check your bank statements closely!

  10. I an cancelling my plan for insufficient service and over charging for reactivation fee 3 times and another bill for 11.61. I have not made any calls or text message because calls are not permitted for no unknown reason.

  11. it won’t let me cancel FreedomPop Premier, I get all the way to the end and then it just spins….???

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